Ravishankar M K
Early Life and Background

Ravishankar M.K. was born in 1980 in the humble village of Medahalli, situated in the Bangalore rural district. Growing up as the son of a farmer, he was accustomed to the simplicity and hard work of rural life. Medahalli, with its picturesque landscapes and tight-knit community, was a place where everyone knew each other, and the value of hard work was instilled from a young age.


Biography of Ravishankar M.K.

Childhood and Education

Ravishankar's early years were marked by economic struggles. His family depended on farming, which often did not yield sufficient income to meet all their needs. Despite these hardships, his parents recognized the importance of education and encouraged him to pursue his studies diligently. Ravishankar attended the local government school, where resources were limited, but his determination to learn was boundless.

Overcoming Economic Challenges

As Ravishankar progressed through his schooling, the financial burden on his family increased. To support his education, he often worked alongside his father in the fields. These experiences shaped his character, teaching him resilience and the value of perseverance. Despite the economic hardships, Ravishankar excelled in his studies, displaying a particular aptitude for mathematics and science.

Higher Education and Struggles

After completing his schooling, Ravishankar faced the daunting task of pursuing higher education. His family's financial situation made it seem like an unattainable dream. However, his academic excellence earned him a scholarship to study Mechanical Engineering at a prestigious institution. Even with the scholarship, managing day-to-day expenses was a challenge. Ravishankar took on part-time jobs, tutoring younger students and working in local shops, to support himself through college.

Achieving Academic Excellence

Ravishankar's dedication paid off as he consistently performed at the top of his class. His professors noted his exceptional understanding of mechanical engineering concepts and his innovative approach to problem-solving. He actively participated in various academic projects and presented papers at national conferences, gradually making a name for himself in the academic community.

Career as an Assistant Professor

Upon completing his degree, Ravishankar was offered a position as an Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering. This was a significant milestone, not only for him but also for his family and community. His journey from the fields of Medahalli to the halls of academia served as an inspiration to many young students in his village and beyond.

Legacy and Impact

Today, Ravishankar M.K. is not just an Assistant Professor but also a mentor and role model. He uses his position to support students from economically challenged backgrounds, understanding their struggles firsthand. He is actively involved in community outreach programs, aiming to improve educational resources in rural areas.

Ravishankar's story is a testament to the power of perseverance, hard work, and the transformative impact of education. From a small village in Bangalore's rural district to the esteemed position of Assistant Professor, his life embodies the triumph of determination over adversity.

Ravishankar M K
Academic Biography

Early Education

Ravishankar M K began his educational journey at Bhavani Vidyalaya, where he studied from Grade 01 to Grade 07. Despite his passion for learning, financial constraints prevented him from continuing at this institution beyond Grade 07.


High School

Ravishankar M. K. embarked on his academic journey by completing his Secondary School Leaving Certificate (SSLC) from Sri Ranganatha Rural High School. This foundational phase provided him with the basic education and skills necessary for his future academic pursuits.

Pre-University Course (PUC)

Following his SSLC, Ravishankar enrolled in the V V Puram College of Science to pursue his Pre-University Course (PUC). However, this phase was marked by a period of academic challenges, and he was unable to complete the course due to a lack of focus and commitment towards his studies at that age.

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Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Refocusing his efforts, Ravishankar pursued a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from D R R Polytechnic, Davangere. This program allowed him to gain practical knowledge and skills in the field of mechanical engineering, setting a solid foundation for his future academic and professional endeavors.

Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.)

Building upon his diploma, Ravishankar continued his academic progression by earning a Bachelor of Engineering degree from MVJ College of Engineering. Here, he honed his technical expertise and developed a deeper understanding of engineering principles, preparing him for advanced studies.

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Master of Technology (M.Tech)

Driven by a passion for further education and specialization, Ravishankar pursued a Master of Technology (M.Tech) at R V College of Engineering. This advanced degree enabled him to gain in-depth knowledge and expertise in his chosen field, further enhancing his academic credentials and technical proficiency.

Ph.D. in Composite Materials

Currently, Ravishankar is pursuing a Ph.D. in Composite Materials from Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU). His research focuses on the development and application of composite materials, aiming to contribute valuable insights and innovations to the field. His ongoing doctoral studies reflect his commitment to academic excellence and his aspiration to make significant contributions to the engineering community.


Ravishankar M. K.’s academic journey is marked by perseverance and dedication, demonstrating his ability to overcome early challenges and achieve advanced qualifications in engineering. His continuous pursuit of knowledge and research in composite materials underscores his commitment to advancing the field and contributing to technological progress.

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