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Early Life and Background

Ravishankar M K was born in 1980 in the quaint village of Medahalli, situated in the Bangalore Rural district of Karnataka, India. The son of a dedicated farmer, Ravishankar’s early years were deeply rooted in the rhythms of rural life. His family, like many others in the region, faced economic hardships, relying primarily on agriculture for their livelihood. Despite the financial challenges, Ravishankar’s parents were determined to provide their children with opportunities they themselves never had, placing a strong emphasis on the importance of education.

About My Village

How my village got it's name

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My Educational Journey

Ravishankar M K's educational journey reflects his dedication to mastering a diverse array of technical and digital skills. From his early days with AutoCAD during his diploma studies to his recent accomplishments in digital marketing and Python full stack development, Ravishankar has continually expanded his expertise. His varied certifications demonstrate his ability to adapt and thrive in an ever-evolving technological landscape.

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